Diamond 7 stone half eternity ring, platinum and 18ct gold mount

This is a classical ring with a modern style of setting. The 7 modern brilliant cut diamonds are all the same size and held in neat 4 claw settings which are low to the finger but from the side the setting looks like a “Zig-Zag”, hence the modern style of setting. The shank of the ring is in all 18ct yellow gold and for durability the settings are made from platinum.

This ring is made in 2 separate parts, one part is the setting and the second is the shank, each is made separately and then joined together.

7 Diamonds = 0.74 carat

3.1mm wide at the front and 2.4mm thick at the back of the shank

This ring itself can be altered by 2 sizes either way, anymore than that and it would have to be a new ring made for you, please contact us if this is the case

English Made


Shop Reference: H78/4

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